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No glitz. No glamour. Just outstanding quality.

      Crank & Stroker Supply Co. provides both made in USA and import manufacturing of premium riding apparel for our fellow bikers. Super Heavy Denim, Leathers, Tees and more.  We serve like-minded individuals who take great pride in working on their own bikes.

      We believe our customers are the best reflection of our company.  99% of our customers are mechanically inclined and "get it". They are respectful, courteous and always there to help when a fellow biker breaks down - even by simply waving off traffic while a truck is in route. We proudly serve this real breed of bikers - club members, life-time riders and our fellow underdogs.


  Our customers benifit from three generations of apparel industry experience rooted in a strong family tradition of quality and craftsmanship. We take apparel making very seriously and know true quality will always out live the trendy marketing tactics.  Honestly folks, the apparel industry is 99% bullshit, with trendy marketing and a fixation on what's hot and what's not at any given moment.  This approach is just silly.  That's not our style.  We provide straight-up quality at straight-up pricing. 

     Crank & Stoker Supply Co. is a registered trademark. Other trademarks pending.

               Govern yourselves accordingly.


5 Ball bikernet

We are the exclusive liscensee of 5 Ball Racing which is available online as well as authourized dealers.

    That's 5-Ball Racing the official Bonneville Racing Team from the wrecking crew at We've built four Bonneville bikes since 2006 and set two land speed records. We claimed the World's Fastest Panhead title for 15 minutes. We built a 1926 Peashooter that blew up, and a 1940 45 flathead with a K-model top end that did 66 mph in 2nd gear? But next year we will rock the record books once more with the first streamlined trike effort. This could be the classic of classics. It could be the first motorcycle Belly Tank  effort in history. It will be powered with a JIMS 135-inch twin cam engine, and JIMS transmission. 

                 Bandit, the leader of this motley crew was on the Easyriders team holding the motorcycle land speed record of 321 mph for 16 years. Does that mean anything, maybe not. There's a book about his World's Fastest Panhead effort, and there may be another book about the 5-Ball Assalt Weapon II trike effort. Who knows, but 5-Ball racing is all about fun, the adventure behind building something new, and roaming onto the vast salt to see what they might do. Hang on!


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