Leather Pants/Chaps

High Quality Denim and Leather motorcycle riding chaps

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  1. Long Haul Leather Pant

    Long Haul Leather Pant

    Our Mens Long Haul Leather pants allows you to easily slip them on and off over your pants with out taking off your boots. 5 Pocket Jean construction made from top grain cowhide and features side zip and snap down bottom. Various sizes available based on your waist and inseam. Please select 1 size over your jean size. Example if you wear a 32x32 then select 34x32. This will allow enough room to wear over your jeans. Not like assless chaps, these will actually keep your crotch warm and dry on those not so favorable riding days or on long haul rides.
  2. LUBE JOB Leather Conditioner

    LUBE JOB Leather Conditioner


    leather conditioner

    Condition and protect your leather with our Lube Job leather conditioner. Over the miles and especially in the rain your leathers will lose their oils. These natural oils are essential for the leather to stay flexible, not tear and helps keep the natural water repellent tendencies. By conditioning your leathers it will extend their life and will give you more years of enjoyment. I think we all know the importance of proper lubrication.  Contains 8oz.  Great for Jackets, Vest, Saddle Bags, Wallets, Purses, etc.

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2 Item(s)