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Cycle Society Eagle, Light it up TShirt
100% Cotton Tee

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Yeah it's bad ass and your first impression might be one thing.

True meaning behind graphic.

cycle : a complete alteration in which a phenomenon attains a maximum and minimum value, returning to a final value equal to the origin alone.

society : a voluntary association of individual for common ends

This graphic is about society and the lack of values and integrity we all experience and are subjected to on a daily basis. It’s about cycling out all the people who do horrendous things to innocent people. Corruption, mass murders, rapist, child molesters, thieves, liars, criminals any one taking advantage of another being for there own personal gain. Today we have become numb to these discussing elements. It’s about erradication of these concepts that are not in the best interest of us all.

Identify the true enemy. Be part of the solution by living life with integrity and not be part of the problem because we have become numb.

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