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Like the other two leather vests I've purchased from you guys-Perfect! Great leather, great fit and bad ass style. 

Mark F.

Have to admit....wasn't enthused about dropping $170 on a leather riding vest, especially doing so and putting a ton of patches on there. Decided to keep it as is and wear it as I would normally when riding......and have LOVED it!!! Actually have a good friend having a vest made to this design because he loves it so much! Best compliment in the world......just stroke it and you can't go wrong!!! 

Jeffery W.

Great vest! Nothing else like it that I've seen on the market. Well worth the wait for a back order. You won't be disappointed. Fits true to size.

Carl L.

I have had mine for almost 3 years now. And to say i am satisfied would be an understatement. Their Quality and attention to detail are lost on most companies. You cant go wrong with anything they make or sell. Wish more companies understood what they do.

Jeff D.

I think I have a problem, I can't stop buying stuff from these guys. Picked this up from J&P as they had it in stock and I had some points to use up. Good quality leather with a nice weight to it. Nothing fancy, just a good quality leather vest. 

Justin B.

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